Targeted Network Meetings (TNMs)

10 October 2018, Barcelona, Spain



Meeting concept
Targeted Network Meetings (TNM) are generally held right after the ECNP Congresses and aimed at facilitating the interaction between scientists and the ECNP networks to encourage multidisciplinary approaches to develop ideas collectively.

TNM sessions are a platform for discussing a wide range of topics crucial to neuropsychopharmacology research. 

Three Targeted Network Meetings are going to take place right after the 31st ECNP Congress on 10 October 2018 in Barcelona, Spain.   

The programmes of the three 2018 TNMs are:

A few potential topics for discussions

• Results already obtained by a network
• Plans and strategies for future projects
• Potential translational development
• A critical assessment of gaps and needs in a specific area

How to apply


The TNMs are coordinated by members of the following ECNP Networks: Suicide Network, Nutrition Network, Anxiety Disorders Network

Meeting deliverables
The following output is expected from each Targeted Network Meeting:

• A paper for submission to the European Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology (ENP)
• A list of future discussion topics and the research and funding strategies the network considers based on the TNM
• A symposium proposal to be forwarded for review to the Scientific Programme Committee of the 33rd ECNP Congress