ECNP Citation Prize

The ECNP Citation Prize recognises and encourage impactful original research in the ECNP journal, European Neuropsychopharmacology (ENP). It is awarded to the most cited research paper in the preceding two years. 2019 was the first year this award was given.

This is the first year the award has been given.
ECNP Citation Prize
The 2019 winners are:

  • Christian J. Bachmann
  • Linda P. Wijlaars
  • Luuk J. Kalverdijk
  • Mehmet Burcue
  • Gerd Glaeske
  • Catharina C.M. Schuiling-Veninga
  • Falk Hoffmann
  • Lise Aagaard
  • Julie M.Zito

‘Trends in ADHD medication use in children and adolescents in five western countries, 2005-2012’. Click here to read the article on the European Neuropsychopharmacology 27.5, May 2017, pp. 484-493 ().