Brain Day

Brain DayThe Brain Day is ECNP’s most direct channel for reaching the public. Designed to bring the discoveries and excitement of frontier neuroscience to a general audience, the event is held annually in conjunction with the ECNP Congress.

Topics discussed vary per Brain Day, but cover things such as bipolar disorder, autism, schizophrenia and OCD.

2019 Brain Day
The 2019 Brain Day has been organised in collaboration with the Lundbeckfonden, a Danish foundation supporting biomedical sciences research, primarily in the field of brain research.

The day will be hosted by Gitte Moos Knudsen, the ECNP President Elect, and moderated by scientist, author and presenter Peter Lund Madsen.

The Brain Day will take place at 10.00-14.00 on 7 September 2019 in the Maersk Tower in Copenhagen, Denmark.

2019 Brain Day

More information about the event can be found here.

As the event is completely booked, it will be live streamed via the Lundbeckfonden website.

Previous Brain Days

  • 2018: Barcelona. The 2018 Brain Day was organised in collaboration with the Spanish Biomedical Research Network in Mental Health (CIBERSAM) and the Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de Barcelona.
  • 2017: Paris. The 2017 Brain Day was organised in collaboration with the prominent French mental health foundation Fondation FondaMental, and a number of patient organisations were involved in the programme.
  • 2016: Vienna
  • 2015: Amsterdam
  • 2014: Berlin