Preliminary programme

Monday 9-Thursday 12 November 2020
During these days the selected participants are required to view the below sessions through a special link in preparation of the live interactive session on 13 November 12.00-14.00.

 15’     Introduction of ECNP
Eduard Vieta, Spain 
 15’  Introduction of workshop
Eduard Vieta, Spain
 60’  Methodology of clinical trials
Eduard Vieta, Spain 
 60’  Statistics for clinical research
Jonathan Rabinowitz, Israel 
Writing, publishing, reviewing a clinical scientific paper
Celso Arango, Spain 
Methods for the assessment of non-pharmacological treatments
Anabel Martinez-Aran, Spain
 60’  How to do a good literature search?
Caterina del Mar Bonnin, Spain 
Meta-analysis and systematic reviews
Stefan Leucht, Germany 
How to write a research project?
Michael Davidson, Israel
 60’  Getting started in clinical research: a young psychiatrists’ perspective
Iria Grande, Spain 
 60’  Ethical issues in clinical research
Jose Manuel Goikolea, Spain 
Friday 13 November 2020

12.00-14.00    Interactive session (streaming)
Celso Arango & Eduard Vieta (Spain) 

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