Provisional symposium titles

The scientific programme forms the central part of the congress.

Below you can already find the symposia titles of the 32nd ECNP Congress (as per 26 September 2018). In due time we will also publish the lecture titles and speaker names here.

Other sessions (i.e. Educational updates, brainstorming sessions, alternative sessions, satellite symposia, poster sessions) will be published here as well once they are finalised.

  1. Pharmacological and clinical implications of the glymphatic system
  2. Big data and team science shape our understanding of ADHD
  3. Towards better treatments for eating disorders
  4. Novel therapeutic approaches for the correction of genetic disorders of the central nervous system
  5. New targets for old drugs: are statins antidepressants after all?
  6. A blue light hits the circadian system: impact of sleep-wake cycle in onset and progression of bipolar disorders
  7. Negative symptoms in schizophrenia: concepts, challenges and treatment targets
  8. The link between disturbed sleep and mood
  9. Neuroinflammation in brain disorders: threat or opportunity for treatment?
  10. Moderators of risk and resilience trajectories following exposure to early adversity, insights from longitudinal studies
  11. Epigenetic regulation of gene expression in depression and anxiety disorders
  12. Coma and chronic disorders of consciousness: the journey from synaptic transmission and brain networks to diagnosis and therapy
  13. Exploring the relevance of hallucinogens: towards potential control of psychiatric disorders?
  14. Ribonucleoprotein particles and granules, key hotspots for the biology and disease of the brain
  15. A time for the perfect storm: alterations in the adolescent brain as predictors of mood disorders
  16. Towards a better understanding of the neurobiology of male and female aggression
  17. Get a second wind: opioid modulators for the treatment of depression
  18. How computational brain models can help understand mental illnesses
  19. The cingulate cortex: a translational integrative hub across CHILD psychiatry
  20. A mechanistic approach for therapeutic strategies of neurodevelopmental disorders